Sarita was a missionary for 6 years and also ran a nonprofit in a post conflict zone in Uganda for 10 years where she provided pastoral counseling and rehabilitation for girl child soldiers and women in sex-trafficking. Sarita currently runs a member care nonprofit Zion Project and has spoken at churches and organizations across the United States about her passion for social justice and member care.

She also travels internationally to work with missions and aid/humanitarian organizations to train teams and help them develop sustainable care programs for staff and volunteers. She has provided one-on-one pastoral counseling and life coaching at missionary retreats overseas. Her heart has always been for inner healing and healing the wounds of trauma. She has since trained in trauma and self-care and is available to speak on related subjects.

Subject Areas:

  • Compassion Fatigue
  • Self-Care on the Field
  • Burnout: Prevention & Recovery
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Member Care: Doing It Well
  • Preparation Training for Long-Term Missions
  • PTSD and Missions
  • Missionary Attrition
  • Father Heart of God
  • Self-compassion & love


  • To disrupt the current paradigm of missions, global worker burnout, and unhealthiness, to ensure that people on the field are healthy and thriving so they can be more effective in loving and serving well.
  • To help churches/sending organizations/humanitarian orgs fully understand the unique challenges facing global workers and better care for their people.
  • To walk alongside global workers to ensure they have the proper training and ongoing support they need to be giving out of wholeness instead of emptiness.


Churches, missions committees, missions training programs, missionary retreats, missionary care organizations