Missionary Care & Burnout Resources

April 08, 2015

missionary care resources

My last article on missionary burnout went viral and so many of you asked for missionary care resources. I hope this helps! I’ve also written an article, “How to Recover from Burnout,” which offers great tips from my personal life because the last thing I want is for missionaries to be stranded, alone in a foreign country feeling isolated and unsupported by those who sent them out.

This is a list of missionary care organizations with whom I am familiar that can offer you rest and retreat. If you know of any awesome missionary care/burnout resources that I’ve missed, then please email me at saritahartz@gmail.com so we can connect. I’m trying to develop more of a network of resources for global workers so please contact me if you are in this field so we can help each other reach this vision of having missionaries thrive on the field.


Missions Training & Member Care


Restoration & Retreat








  • Jessica Kinzel Meulendyke

    Hi Sarita, I just found your blog and LOVE it… especially the pieces like this that focus on supporting the long-term missionaries. Can I add another organization to your list? Life IMpact Ministries (lifeimpactministries.net), they focus on revitalizing and renewing pastors and missionaries so that they can continue with the amazing work they are doing. Thanks for all you have done and all you continue to do!

    • Sarita Hartz Hendricksen

      Thanks so much Jessica! I hope you subscribe and continue to read! :) Appreciate the add on to the list. I’ll check them out!

  • Kathryn Taylor

    Hello Sarita. Thanks for working to help people see the importance of member care! I’m the media coordinator at World Indigenous Missions (http://worldim.com/). Please consider adding us to your list too. Some of my favorite things about WIM are that we train/send missionaries recognizing all the gifts of the spirit AND we offer member care. I’ve shared at least one of your blog posts with our missionaries in the past… I think one of your very early posts about burnout. So raw, so real… and so common.

    • Hey Kathryn! That’s so wonderful. I’d love to hear more! :)

      • Kathryn Taylor

        Thanks for your reply! We started in the early 80s with some pioneer missionaries heading into indigenous Mexico. Definitely the older missions paradigm was at work at that time, but goodness they did some cool things and God used them to set little revival fires on the tops of the mountains of Mexico, many continuing to this day. A lot has changed since then and the new missions paradigm has allowed our missionaries to be more transparent and receive care. It’s interesting… some of the older missionaries won’t even ask for help, so part of it is on them to understand that they would benefit from that support. The younger missionaries welcome it with open arms. God is doing good things. Anything else you want to know, just ask! Blessings!

  • Jeannie Hershey Hartsfield

    Hi Sarita, I’m a little late to this post, but just read a recent blog off A Life Overseas with a link to your resources page – please add a new missionary care resource in Asia: Living Well is a counseling, coaching, seminar- finding respite for expats in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. See website for more info: http://www.livingwellcambodia.org please consider adding us to your list.
    Jeannie H