9 Ways I Saved My Marriage

September 21, 2015


9 Ways I Saved My Marriage

I’m blogging over at A Life Overseas today about the 9 Ways I Saved My Marriage. Come on over and learn the tools for saving your marriage too, especially on the mission field. Here’s a sneak preview:

“We thought that love and sex would save us, and it worked for a while. But the reality is, while marriage is an intimate union of two souls growing together, it’s also hard work, and it leaves the soul rubbed raw.

When we left Uganda, I wasn’t quite sure if we should even stay together.

It seemed like we’d done a lot of damage, and like a house on fire, we weren’t sure what charred remains to salvage.”

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  • Jackson Kites

    good tips sarita, I really like this. It’s all about the intense emotional connection. Keeping a relationship brimming with emotion keeps the investment tied. This can also be used for many things, including in the bedroom.. and this is exactly why I’ve worked to become an amazing lay, wanted to give my girl everything. Truthfully this sucks for me as it takes me like 45 minutes to finish now. ( http://goo.gl/LMWWIz free course to get you there or make you even better )
    though you should be more than enough on your own. check out ross aken if you want to learn how to truly be amazing in bed, he’s got like a pornstar blueprint ) Keep the family together guys, whatever it takes